Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MY rules of Gyaru

OK So first off let me start by saying that in NO WAY am I the end all be on gyaru. these rules are nothing official. These are simply MY rules.The rules I myself personally follow.

Take them seriously if you wish because I feel like they're good rules/tips. But if you choose not to, I wont be mad. 

So. You wanna know my rules on gyaru eh?

well~ they're simple, straight to the point and hard to fuck up.

1) Dont become gal if you dont like fake things being attached to you.
Sorry, it is what it is. Gyaru is very much an "enhanced" style. Big hair, Big lashes, Long nails, Boob Pads, so on, so on, so on. Since very few of us are born with the afore mentioned things, we have to get them. 
Wigs, Extensions,Fake lashes, lash extensions, acrylic nails, gel nails, fuckin press-on nails, all part of the package.

2) Understand that being gal can be expensive. VERY expensive.
I personally do not care about the branding of my things.  I dont need DollyWink this and Gilfy that. but some gals do, and are willing to pay for it. Some gals would rather spend $30 on getting their nails done vs $30 on 3 or 4 pair of Dollywink lashes. 

To each her own. 
However, hair, nails, makeup and clothing are not cheap things.
I've spent WELL over $1000 on makeup alone in a year. Is 95% of my makeup brand makeup (NARS, MAC MUFE...)?

because I choose for it to be. 

You can easily spend Hundreds of dollars a month on you gal items.

I  do not spend crazy amount of money on my wigs or my nails or my clothes.
I do not feel the need to own Japanese brand clothes or makeup. I can go to the mall and find something just as amazing.

3) Once you decide the you do really want to be gal DO NOT post all of your makeup practice shots online
you will end up on Gal Secrets.

all of the negative comments and whatnot may cause you to run.

which could really suck. especially if you have  potential.
Post a  few pictures up, only the better ones of your attempt and ask for critiques.
you WILL get help.
some of it may sound negative and mean, but we are only trying to help you.

you need thick skin.
dont be a fuckin crybaby.

4) Learn what look fits your lifestyle

if you live in a box and dont have a pot to piss in, you probably dont wanna go for himegyaru.
Im really not trying to be mean or cunty, I'm just tellin you the truth.
go for looks that you like and that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Gal is not cosplay. Its not something you do on the weekends.
If you like a rocker look go rokku
If youre older and still wanna  be glam go onee 
If you like extreme fuck, go manba.

have fun with it.

5) For makeup, your best friends are magazine scans, youtube and a mirror.

if youre black or white or something other than East Asian or if you lack east Asian features, the tutorials in magazines are NOT gonna be your best bet.

you dont have the same facial structure!

so find a look that you like, figure out what you can do with out help and what you cant. whatever you need help with, search for on youtube. thats how i learned how to contour.

i recommend Petrilude
once youve figured out how to take the look that you like and put it on your face:

practice in your down time, practice bits ands pieces daily, learn how to sculpt your face.

dont be afraid of it. Its just makeup.

6)Photoshop will be your best friend and worst enemy.

so you've figured out how  to do your makeup. Awesome. Good Job.
but no matter how much you shade, your nose is still the size of pluto, or that zit it holdin strong against that wall of foundation and concealer.
if youre goin out in public there aint shit you can do about it besides ignore it.
however, if youre at home camwhorin, theres a wonderful program out there called:

or for cheap bitches like me
I will not EVEN lie and say i dont shop my pictures, because I do.
But not much.

I clear up my skin if it needs it, shrink my nose, grow my eyes, darken liner if i have to, you know "the usual"
But, I'm still recognizable.

Do not abuse the power of the shoop.

your makeup should be the shoop!
no shop, just skills

shopped to death.

I actually think those are different pics taken on the same day lol. But you get the point right!


the main thing to remember is that being Gal is not a competition!

Its not about who has the best hair, biggest lashes, flashiest clothes or the richest boyfriend!

its about having fun!

Get Wild! Be Sexy!

you can be gal with natural makeup or walk around lookin like an inverse panda

frankly idun give a fuck so long as youre havin fun!

dont be afraid to try new things!

Dont be a clone!

8) Make friends!

gals no fun if youre all alone!

if you dont have a friend to sit on the bus stop with and make dumb faces,youre missing out 

you also need a friend to take pictures of you when youre drunk and tell you what you dont remember!
(dont drink unless youre of legal age!)
I STILL have no clue what happened leading up to this

we gals are just one big family.
we're sisters.

yeah we may fight and have catty arguments, but what do you expect?

we're girls.

and guys lol

but really.

Have fun! 

Theres No Future, No Heaven, LETS GO CRAZY!


Cheyanne said...

Love it!!

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Just GREAT! <3

rinnyfresh said...

Your rules have helped me greatly! I was really iffy about posting on Everyday_Gyaru but now I feel better. Thank You!