Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Sponsored Post] YANQINA Max Volume Waterproof Mascara

kkcenterhk has been nice enough to sponsor me  a tube  of YANQINA Max Volume Precise Waterproof Macsara.

Everybody knows I LOVE mascara.

Shipping took about 10 days and it came in a normal brown mailer.

heres  what the website claims:

The soft fibres that were formed will easily slide off.

The liquid-like application DOES NOT extra work to separate lashes before mascara dries.

Your own lashes WILL NOT dry in a clump.

“Max Volume Precise Water Proof Mascara” extra length was noticeable.

Lasts all day without any flaking, smudging, smearing or streaking and water-resistant.
Even water-resistant, yet easy to remove 

So does it work? Lets see~
My normal short lashes

(my grandmas hand!)
 As you saw the brush is Huge (which i personally like) the formula is a little thin, but DEAR GOD!!!

After ONE coat my lashes were much more visible and thicker looking. After my usual 156387  coats my lashes were very visable and Big!


millions of coats

The only complaint that i have is that it wasnt as easy to remove as it claimed. It took me 3 or 4 passes with the makeup remover to get it all off.

BUT i did fall asleep with it on a few times and my lashes were still big dark and really SOFT the next day!

it is also quite smudge-proof and waterproof  which is great this time of year since all it does here now is rain and be gloomy.

So all in all Id give YANQINA Max Volume Mascara a 4/5.taking off one point for it being hard to remove.

But all-in all I really do like this mascara!!!